Mountains and the sea

Chouchalout is situated near Nyons, an ancient town known for its famous black olives. But it's not just olives that ripen here - amongst the undulating landscape, apricot trees and lavender but also grape vines of the Cotes du Rhone variety are grown. The scenery is dominated by small towns and houses made from sandstone that await their discovery. A bit farther away but still easily accessible from Chouchalout are historic provencal cities like Marseille, Montpellier, Lyon, or Arles; all of them only a two hours' drive away. The secluded shores of the Camargue are a particularly splendid insider tip - vast, sandy beaches with hardly another soul around pose to be the ideal conditions for you to relax.

The region

Even the romans more than 2000 years ago appreciated Provence for its proximity to the sea, its mineral resources and its breathtaking scenery. When summer comes, the mellow scent of lavender permeates every niche of the region and leaves you longing to discover Provence farther than the eye can reach.

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